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Supernatural Breakthrough

Updated: Apr 26


The theme for Supernatural Breakthrough clearly resonates deeply with everyone seeking divine intervention in their lives. The moments when heaven intersects earth and the impossible becomes possible. Our scriptural anchor for this sermon is Genesis 38:29"And it came to pass, as he drew back his hand, that, behold, his brother came out: and she said, How hast thou broken forth? this breach be upon thee: therefore his name was called Pharez."

This verse captures the moment of an extraordinary event, where expectation and order are overturned by a divine act, leading to a breakthrough that shapes destinies.

In this story, we find a profound narrative involving Tamar, Judah, and the birth of twins. Pharez, whose birth is described in our focal scripture, was named for the breakthrough he represented — literally breaking forth before his brother, who was initially presumed to be the firstborn. This moment is not just about birth order; it symbolizes how God can suddenly change our circumstances, leading to unforeseen blessings and shifts in our destiny.

The birth of Pharez, whose name means "breach" or "breakthrough," symbolizes a sudden and forceful entry into new territories, overcoming barriers that seemed insurmountable. Tamar's twins, Zerah and Pharez, teach us that sometimes, when we think we know the order of things (as Zerah was expected to be born first), God has a surprise breakthrough that shifts everything.


Understanding Supernatural Breakthrough

Defying Expectations 

Pharez’s arrival was against all odds and expectations. Similarly, a supernatural breakthrough defies our human assumptions and limitations. It is like a farmer witnessing a crop flourish in arid land — unexpected yet a profound testament to the ability beyond our understanding.

Divinely Orchestrated

Just as Pharez’s birth was orchestrated by divine will, supernatural breakthroughs are initiated by God. They serve His purposes, aligning with His plans for our growth and the fulfillment of His promises.

Transformative Impact 

The birth of Pharez not only changed the course of Tamar's life but also influenced the lineage of David and ultimately, Jesus Christ. Each supernatural breakthrough carries with it ripple effects that transform not just the immediate but have enduring impacts, much like a small stone creating wide ripples across a large lake.

Pathways to Supernatural Breakthrough

Unwavering Faith

Abraham’s faith in God’s promise shows us that unwavering faith is crucial for supernatural breakthroughs (Genesis 15:6). Like a climber who trusts their rope to hold them as they ascend a cliff face, our faith must be firm and durable.

Obedience to God’s Word

Noah’s adherence to God’s instructions to build an ark (Genesis 6:22) is a stellar example of obedience leading to a breakthrough. This obedience is akin to an architect following a blueprint meticulously, which leads to the successful completion of a magnificent structure and building.

Perseverance in Prayer

The persistence of Hannah’s prayers led to the birth of Samuel (1 Samuel 1:20). Imagine a persistent knocking on a door until it is opened; so must our prayers be continuous, fueled by desire and faith.

Steps to Embrace Your Supernatural Breakthrough

Anticipate the Unexpected

Just as no one anticipated Pharez’s manner of coming into the world, we should be open to the unexpected ways God might choose to bring our breakthrough. Like astronomers discovering a new star where none was thought to exist, we must look for God’s handiwork in the unexpected.

Prepare Spiritually and Practically 

Preparation is key. Joseph interpreted dreams while in prison, which eventually led to his rise to power (Genesis 41). Like an athlete trains for the Olympics, focusing on both their diet and their drills, we must prepare both spiritually and practically.

Testify of God’s Goodness 

After experiencing a breakthrough, we must share our testimony. This is not just about giving thanks but also about encouraging others. Like light from a lighthouse guiding ships to safety, our stories can guide others towards faith and perseverance.


As we contemplate the miraculous birth of Pharez, let us hold onto our faith, continue in our obedience, and persist in our prayers, knowing that our supernatural breakthrough is on God’s divine timetable. May we be ready to embrace it, celebrate it, and share it, for in every unexpected shift and miraculous turn, God is moving us from glory to glory.

Let us go forth in this assurance, equipped and expectant for the supernatural interventions that await us on our journey with Him.

May the peace of God dwell within you throughout this week. If you've been touched by today's message and wish to explore deeper faith, join us for Sunday services at AFM in Canada. Together, we can grow in love, strengthen our community, and uplift each other in our spiritual journeys. We look forward to welcoming you into our family. Blessings and grace be upon you.

Senior Pastor

Leo T Mukumba

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