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Bible study Friday 12 Oct 2018

Continuation of the book of 1st John chapter 2 from verse 12

- John is addressing all age groups

- Encouraging spiritual growth in us, saying we have overcame

- Empashasising that Our sins were forgiven

- We need to continue to live in righteousness and do not fall down

- We should continue shinning as we are the light

- We should strive to be better vessels of God

- We should not allow our faith to be dormant

- Instead we should grow our faith everyday so that we will not be taken away or swayed from the righteous path

- through our faith in Christ we overcome the wickedness of the world.

- A continuous improved relationship with God will assist us to reach that level where God wants us to be. We need to keep the faith in the Lord so that our growth is evidence to Jehovah

- Sometimes we kill our own faith because we always feel like we have so much experience in the Lord hence going the wrong way; we need to continue submitting unto the Lord.

- For John 10 vs 10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Therefore guard yourself dear brethrens

- Avoid all which takes your faith and righteous away. Stay in the Lords ways and path.

- Avoid sin of physical pleasure

- Avoid pride of own achievement and obsessions

- Avoid bowing to the Lord of materials

- Some are caught up in the desires and passions of the flesh and worldly things, John emphasised that all these will come to pass one day and it will only be Jehovah and us. - The world will pass away one day and we need to ensure our paths are clean

- For an everlasting life comes only from Jehovah and by walking in the ways which pleases him.

- The spirit of antichrist is hovering all over.

- An Antichrist spirit is a spirit that does not acknowledge and believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God the Father.

- There are some however who are still yet to decide if they want Jesus or not in their lives, some are still leaving in sin and yet they claim to know him.

- These are the anti Christ ones for who ever knows God will sacrifice to obey his word and have to be bold and confident enough to stand against the antichrist.

- For so many are in churches but are not looking for the true God.

- Some even take going to church as a hobby.

- Seek for more every day, stay in the spirit for it will lead you to an internal life.

- Invest yourself in the Lord and allow him to be in you and you in him

- Allow him to open doors for you.

- Humble yourself and he will elevate you.

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