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Do Something - Do not Sleep on Duty (Ps Mukumba 5-April-2020)

Title: Do Something; Do not Sleep on Duty

Text: 1 Sam 26:1-16

Ø It is surprising that Saul had gone to war in pursuit of David but he and his commander and the whole army were sleeping in the midst of war and in the middle of the night

Ø Two things happened; they were in the midst of a search/pursuit; in war but they were sleeping and relaxed

Ø They did not sleep in the day, instead they slept in the night

Ø When in war the most dangerous time to sleep is during the night

Ø Most soldiers they cover much ground during the night

Ø During the night and at dawn, that is when they employ a lot of tactics to defeat and kill the enemy

Ø The night is not the best time to sleep during the war. The night represents unknown times, dark times

Ø As the world we are in the midst of war. War against this virus, against the economy, against human’s health and the worst recession ever

Ø It will be very surprising to sleep during the war, surrounded by wagon and baggage

Ø This was the great terrifying sleep. Do not sleep during war. This was not good at all.

Ø The Lord must have instructed David to go to Saul’s camp that night

Ø The bible says a supernatural slip had been sent to Him

Ø May the Lord put your enemies in a supernatural sleep. Let them sleep as you advance your life

Ø David and his nephew Abishai were able to penetrate to where Saul and Abner were sleeping easily without a problem. The Lord helped them supernaturally.

Ø Don’t sleep this time because you don’t know what is going on and knocking at your door

Ø This is the time to look for answers

Ø Saul spear symbolized his office and authority. If you sleep, you can lose a lot in time of war. Be vigilant

Ø We should not sleep during war. Guard your position, job, health, family, promotion, future with prayer and action

Ø Abishai knew that it was the right time to kill Saul. David said NO because he had settled his matter in prayer in the cave of Engedi (1 Sam 24). In the cave of Engedi David had prayed and received an assurance that Saul would ham him not anymore.

Ø There are various things that have been chasing you in your life. It’s high time that you should get assurances. Assurances of prolonged life, assurance of favour, assurance victory and etc. You need the assurances of the Lord in this season

Ø David was sure Saul’s life would end at the right time and in the right way, either by natural death or judgement from the Lord then the throne would be his.

Ø When is the right time for your issues?

Ø When is the right time for COVID 19?

Ø We need the assurances of the Lord!!!

Ø When Abishai looked at Saul he saw the enemy, but when David looked at Saul; he saw the Lord’s anointed. Instead of taking Saul life he preserved it.

Ø Most of the time when you look to those who hurt your life, don’t look at them as your enemies. Look at them as the loved of God.

Ø David took the water jug and spear just to prove to Saul for the second time that he did not wish anything bad for him.

Ø Never wish bad things to people. David didn’t let Abishai take the spear lest he would be tempted

Ø There various things that the Lord did not allow you to do and fall under temptation.

Ø It would be very easy to argue that David didn’t think straight in the cave but now he did it the second time to prove his intentions. My question to you is simple; What are your intentions if the Lord blesses you?

Ø David might not have been able to respect the man Saul, but he was able to respect the office and the God who gave the office.

Ø Even Abishai may not have agreed with David position when David stopped him from killing Saul, but he respected the one in authority. Eventually he became the greatest warrior in David's army.

Ø Learn to work on your disputes amicably. Be submissive to authority. Do not always argue. In your family, work, marriage or anywhere. Be a peacemaker. Bless are the peacemaker for they shall be called the children of God (Mathew 5:9)

Ø David and his nephew made a way to the hill where they were safe. I want to encourage to move the high where you will be safe. Give your life to Jesus the Hill that is above all hills

Ø He called back to the soldiers in the camp, especially to Abner the king's bodyguard

Ø He was careful not to humiliate Saul. It is not time to humiliate our leaders, its time to awaken the sleeping soldiers in all countries, families, every where and say come let's pray. Let's intercede on behalf of all countries, nations and nationalities, our leaders, etc. Let's repent for all nations. Fellow brethren, it’s not time to humiliate each other, it’s time that we need each other. We need each other like never before. It’s a great awakening call of togetherness. Together we stand, divided we fall. Where God so unity he commanded a blessing Psalm 133

Ø It’s not time to say I go to so and so church, No, its time to pray and seek the Lord’s invention to humankind. Our God is not God of division, his is a God unity, love and hope.

Ø The absence of the Spear and the bottle war was evidence enough that someone had been close to the Kings and could have killed the King.

Ø This means Abner was guilty and could have been disciplined for failing to his job. For failing to protect the king.

Ø Let’s start praying for our Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Chiefs, Premiers, all the Leaders as they acknowledge the need of the Lord in such a time like this.

In Conclusion I would like to encourage you:

  1. To secure your position in the Lord and in your finances, health, homes in Jesus Name

  2. To take action in this crisis time.

  3. Take action in various ways as the Spirit leads you. Let the spirit of love reign.

  4. Build your faith muscles during this time (Ephesians 6:10-18)

  5. Do not sleep in the middle of the night

  6. Do not sleep in the middle of a war

  7. Be intentional about your growth (3 John 1:2)

  8. Be strategic in everything that you are going to do (1 Chronicles 12:32)

  9. Quitters are never winners

  10. It is time we need stand with each other (1 Corinthians 12:13)

  11. Show you love by character. (Ephesians 4:2; 1 Peter 4:8; John 15:12)

  12. Your attitude will determine your altitude (Proverbs 17:22)

  13. There is room for improvement (Philippians 4:8)

  14. Be very intentional in adding value to your time. (Philippians 4:13; Ephesians 4:31-32 Jeremiah 29:11)

  15. Work on your prayer life (Philippians 4:6; 1 Thessalonians 5:17)

  16. It is time to Develop your trust muscle in the Lord. Don’t sleep like Abner

  17. Be very intentional about your thinking time and all your strategizes

  18. Remove downhill habits and acquire uphill beliefs

  19. We are born to overcome life. Never acquire downhill mentality. (Romans 8:28-39)

  20. Work on your perspective. Challenge yourself and grow yourself.

  21. Have a mentality of success. Successful people know that. “There is always an answer”

  22. Be a person of value who value people and add value to people

  23. Add value to your communities. We need people who loves adding value to people and adding value to the community. 1 Peter 4:8; Proverbs 10:12; Proverbs 17:9; 1 Corinthians 13:4; James 5:20; 1 Peter 1:22

  24. You can always control your own personal decision. You can do it

Ask yourself important questions Like:

  1. What action will I take that will improve my situation

  2. What can I do to add value to people and myself

  3. How do you become better? How do I improve myself?

  4. How do I improve my community; family; nation, the list goes on

Ø Paul and Silas in the middle of the Night in Jail they started singing hymns and the jail was open. Your jail can be opened when you start to think positively and praise the Lord.

Ø We should all be like Abishai who was courageous to support and he went with David to war. Let's join all the medical practitioners/professionals; Leaders and etc in this war against the virus.

Ø How do join them. With prayer; donation/giving to the needy and etc. Do something in this season. Be courageous.

Ø Don’t temper with people's destinies. David could not temper with Saul's even though he could have killed him, but he left it to the Lord’s hand. Ladies and Gentlemen, they say what goes around comes around.

Ø We should all work for righteousness, hope whilst trusting God

Ø Do not take unconscious actions. Be thoughtful about everything else

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