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Give it Another Year (7-Jan-2024)

Ps Leo T Mukumba

Give it Another Year (7-Jan-2024)
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Title: Give it Another Year (Luke 13:7-9)


  • In the garden of our lives, many find themselves entangled, caught off guard, or even caught sleeping amidst life's overwhelming challenges.

  • As we cultivate the Garden of Faith we need to watchful of the Trap of Hypocrisy.

1. The Trap of Hypocrisy:

  • Recognize the tree of hypocrisy in our lives. A hypocrite, despite religious pretense, lacks true virtue and belief.

  • Challenge ourselves to inspect our hearts, seeking the Lord's grace to praise Him genuinely with both lips and hearts.

  • Many people don’t live life as they ought because they’re overwhelmed, surprised, or preoccupied with the things they face in life.

  • They get caught up, caught off guard, or caught sleeping.

  • This tree has got hypocrisy.

  • A hypocrite is someone who pretends to have religious belief and virtue but doesn’t.

  • There are a lot of professing Christians who claim to know God but can’t tell you much about Jesus or what he demands.

  • Our challenge is to avoid being one of them.

  • We must inspect our hearts for any measure of hypocrisy.

  • We should ask the Lord to prevent us from praising him with our lips while our hearts are far from him.

  • Let us ask him for grace to praise him with our hearts first and also with the fruit of our lips.

  • Martin Luther wrote that when Jesus said “Repent,” he meant repent and keep on repenting.

  • Acknowledge the need to continually work on ourselves, preventing harsh judgment and cultivating a spirit of repentance.

3. Time for Grace:

  • Understand the significance of not abusing the time for grace. Time is a gift; let's use it wisely to foster spiritual growth.

  • Commit to working the garden of our souls – watering, adding spiritual nutrients, and loosening the soil through prayer and devotion.

  • This probable reminds of the work that we need to keep on doing to ourselves to prevent harsh judgement on ourselves.

  • It reminds us not to abuse the time for grace.

  • It reminds us to keep on working the garden, watering it, adding manure and loosening soil to produce fruit.

  • When Christ comes, he will look for fruit in us.

4. The Fig Tree Symbolism:

  • The fig tree symbolizes religious people in Jesus’s day.

  • They were given opportunity to produce fruit.

  • They were only worth something if they did produce fruit.

  • A good tree produces good fruit, but if it doesn’t, it will be cut down.

  • Good tree produces good fruit, and fruitlessness may lead to spiritual consequences.

5. The Patience of the Lord:

  • The Lord is being patient. He gives more time.

  • He waits for his servants to bear fruit.

  • But he will not always wait.

  • He will not always be patient.

  • One day he will inspect us for fruit.

  • The question is: Will we be fruit bearing, or will we be fruitless?

  • The Lord is patient and allows time for His servants to bear fruit.

  • His patience will not last indefinitely; one day, when he inspect us.

  • The fruit needs be cultivated.

6. The Call for One More Year:

  • There are some trees that the Lord have send me for at our assembly.

  • I have asked that he give me one more year preaching and praying for you.

  • Recognize the specific trees the Lord has entrusted to our care in this assembly.

  • Embrace the plea for one more year – a call to preach, pray, and work together in the garden of faith.

7. Joint Efforts for Fruitfulness:

  • Some needs to say I will work on the garden.

  • We will see fruit because we are working the garden.

  • Commit to working collectively on the spiritual garden.

  • Understand that our joint efforts will yield fruit as we dedicate ourselves to the labor of love and devotion.

  • Let us respond to the call to give it another year, cultivating our faith, and producing the fruits that will stand as a testament to our genuine connection with the Lord.

  • Together, as we work the garden of our souls, we shall see abundant fruitfulness.

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