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Gives us A new Songs (Psalms 40:1-3) Ps T L Mukumba 13-Sept-2020

Gives us A new Songs

I trust each and every one of you had been safe and social distancing. Oh what indescribable season that we are in where we need the miraculous hand of the Lord. To be honest there are some things about this year that we would like to completely forget. Not only things that have happened in our world and country but also in our own lives. AS many of us look back on our lives this year there were some significant things that have happened. As a matter of fact many would be uncomfortable with their own personal year in review.

From the verses that we have red the Psalmist is David writing about his deliverance, by the power and goodness of God, from some great and pressing trouble, by which he was in danger of being overwhelmed. David records God's favour to him in delivering him out of his deep distress, with thankfulness to his praise (v. 1-5). Probably it was some trouble arising from Saul chasing him or whatever it was, we don’t know.

Psalm 96:1: “Sing a new song to the Lord! Let the whole earth sing to the Lord!”

For many that is the last thing you want to do right now. But honestly for all of us in here it is the most important thing we do all the time when we are in trouble or a jovial/happy mood. I have done that, sometimes when I am in pain and crazy moments singing or humming or music in my car is also always a quick way to escape from my troubles. We need music for all sorts of reasons. It’s a big part of our lives. When we’re in a good mood what do we normally do? We whistle or we sing. When we are depressed what do we want to do? Sometimes we wants some soft, country, gospel or western music because it relieves pain and worries. It reflects or brings joy to our hearts.

I have seen young men and women, our kids even ourselves when we were young we used to do it when in trouble, we would see ourselves connected to music. When we get in a long flight we need some entertainment in the form music or movie. Even for every movie there is music in the background to make it enjoyable and not boring. My message today is Lord give us a new song whilst in our different complicated journeys. A new song for this season. It is obvious when driving, in a long haul journey you need music. Can someone say it’s time to switch the frequency and also the music. Playing the same song for a longtime induces boredom. Change the frequency, the channel and the song. Music and Songs influences life.

Music and singing is a gift from God. We fail to forget that God was the inventor of it. As you look in the Bible you see how much singing, worship, praising, etc. is found in Biblical culture. It’s also interesting to see that not only was it used to entertain and comfort people, but it is a tool to communicate history and defining moments of our lives. If you study scriptures, you will see some famous songs in the Bible. I will touch this on my next message.

So today as you and I, we need to pray for the Lord to give us a new song through His mercy or either we are going to create one by the power of mouth, prayer in Jesus name. He is the Lord of all season and he gives us the desires of our hearts. My encouragement is for to sing a new even in our current situation. Let us search for a new song we will find one. The song that you shall sing I want you to create it by speaking to your future. Talking about resolutions this year and p[pursuing them or creating new ones. This song is a statement of faith and trust in the Lord. It is a tangible statement of your dependence on God (Hebrew 11:1-6). It is also going to be a testimony to others. For many here today this whole idea sounds ridiculous. You have no motivation do to that. For some here today are saying the only way I’ll be singing is if the Lord gives me that song. He can and will if you let him.

Let’s read again Psalm 40:1-3. In these verses we see how David was pulled out of a horrible pit, out of miry clay and his foot were set on the rock and his goings were established and how the Lord gave David and new song to sing. But it is very important to note that it didn’t start there, He waited patiently (v1). David was patiently waiting for a new song. You can wait impatiently if you trust the Lord that he is up to something in your life; something good.

1. David’s waiting was:(v1)

a) A Personal Waiting "I waited patiently

b) A Purposeful Waiting - "for the LORD"

c) A Profitable Waiting - "he inclined unto me, and heard my cry" (Isaiah 40:31)

d) A wait of Trust

2. When he waited the Lord brought him out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings. (V2). He had a:

a) A Divine Deliverance - He brought me up also (may the Lord give you your deliverance today)

b) A Direct Deliverance - out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, (May the Lord favor you today)

c) A Definite Deliverance - and set my feet upon a rock

d) A Distinct Deliverance - and established my goings.

3. The Lord gave him a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God. He sais many shall see it (new song), and fear, and shall trust in the LORD. David's Song is a:

a) Different Song - And he hath put a new song in my mouth,

b) Divine Song - even praise unto our God:

c) Distinct Song - many shall see it, and fear,

d) Defiant Song - and shall trust in the LORD.

e) It's Revelation "many shall see it,"

f) It's Recognition - "and fear"

g) It's Reverberation - "and shall trust in the Lord"

Yesterday I was looking at my old pictures, Oh God glory to God. I saw a brilliant song from a young a tender age of all those pictures, in each and phase clearly representing a song. Ladies and Gentlemen lets persuade the Lord for a New song. It’s either He will give is or we going create it.

Isaiah 54:1 1"Sing, barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the LORD.

Pain and suffering will not last forever Rev. 21:4. Evil will decisively be taken care of.

No matter what you have faced this year or what you might be going through, you can sing a new song to the Lord. (Even if he has to give it to you.)

Some reasons every believer has a song to sing no matter how your year has gone are:

A. Salvation is free and we saved by His grace

B. There’s not a mess dirty enough he won’t get you out of. Psalm 40:2

C. God’s blessings for you are too numerous to count Psalm 40:5

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