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Plead my Cause Part II (Psalms 35:1-10) - Ps Leo T Mukumba (4-June-2023)


Psalm 35 is a heartfelt prayer of David, seeking God's protection and deliverance from enemies. This psalm takes us on a journey of seeking God's intervention and protection in the face of adversaries. It teaches us valuable lessons about finding refuge in God's deliverance and protection amidst life's challenges. It demonstrates a deep trust in God's power to fight on behalf of the psalmist and provide salvation. In a similar manner we should trust God to fight for us in our issues, situations and trying circumstances.

The psalmist begins by earnestly pleading to God crying for help, saying, "Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me!" (Psalm 35:1). His words reveal a deep sense of vulnerability and the need for divine intervention. David recognizes that in our own strength, we are powerless, but in God's mighty hand, we find our hope and refuge. David's plea for God's intervention reminds us that it is appropriate to bring our concerns, fears, and struggles before God. I would like to emphasize that it is importance to pour out our hearts to God and seek His help in times of trouble.

This passage invites us to reflect on our relationship with God and to bring our concerns and pleas to Him. It reminds us that we can find refuge in God, who hears our prayers and offers His salvation. May we take comfort in knowing that God is with us in our trials, ready to contend for us and provide the help we need.


1. Trusting in God's Protection:

As the psalm progresses, the psalmist invokes vivid imagery of warfare and requests God's defense, saying, "Take hold of shield and buckler and rise for my help!" (Psalm 35:2). This imagery portrays God as a mighty warrior, ready to shield and protect His people. Do you know that Our God is a mighty warrior, always ready to shield and protect His people at anytime. His name is Jehovah Nissi. This psalm reminds us to trust in God's unwavering protection, even when we feel surrounded by adversaries or overwhelmed by life's trials.

2. Assurance of God's Salvation:

Amidst the plea for divine intervention, the psalmist seeks assurance from God, saying, "Say to my soul, 'I am your salvation!'" (Psalm 35:3). This is deep longing for God's affirmation and, a reminder of His saving power. The psalmist finds consolation and peace in knowing that God is the ultimate source of salvation and deliverance.

3. Unjust Accusations:

David, the psalmist describes the unjust accusations and attacks from adversaries, expressing deep distress and anguish. The psalmist laments, "Without cause, they hid their net for me; without cause, they dug a pit for my life" (Psalm 35:7). In times of unjust suffering or persecution, we should recognize that God sees and understands our pain and situation. David's enemies in the psalm can represent the spiritual battles we face in our lives. There are strategies and spiritual weapons that we have at our disposal to overcome challenges and stand firm in our faith ladies and gentlemen. (Ephesians 6:11-18, Isaiah 54:17 …)

In our own lives, we may also encounter challenges, opposition, or injustice. Like the psalmist, we can turn to God, seeking His intervention and deliverance. This passage reminds us to trust in God's strength, knowing that He is our ultimate source of help and salvation.

4. Trust in Divine Justice:

In the midst of turmoil, the psalmist confidently trusts in God's justice, saying, "Let destruction come upon him when he does not know it! And let the net that he hid ensnare him; let him fall into it—to his destruction!" (Psalm 35:8). These words express a faith that ultimately, God will bring justice and retribution to those who perpetrate evil. It reminds us to release our desire for revenge and trust that God will make all things right in His perfect timing. David expresses his trust in God's righteous judgment. It is far important to trust in God's timing and justice, even when we face unfair treatment or opposition.

In verse 10 the psalmist ends with a focus on God's deliverance and David's commitment to praise Him. I would like to encourage you to have faith in God's faithfulness and to respond with gratitude and praise even in difficult circumstances.


As we reflect on Psalm 35:1-10, we see a plea for God's intervention, trust in His protection, assurance of His salvation, and confidence in divine justice. This psalm speaks to our own experiences of adversity, injustice, and the longing for God's deliverance. It teaches us that in the face of our enemies, we can find refuge in God's loving arms. Let us take comfort in knowing that God hears our cries, fights our battles, and brings justice to prevail. Continue seeking God's deliverance and trust in His faithfulness, knowing that He is our refuge and strength in every situation.

Furthermore, this psalm encourages us to recognize that we do not face our battles alone. Just as the psalmist asks God to contend with those who contend with him, we can rely on God's presence and support in our own struggles. He fights on our behalf, defending us against the forces that seek to harm us. May the Lord help you and restore you in Jesus Christ Name. Amen

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