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Self-Assessment for Spiritual Temperature and Rejuvenation (Over-Drive):

Updated: Apr 20

To self-assess one's spiritual temperature and signs of fading passion one should check for signs of a diminished enthusiasm for God's work, an attraction to worldly pleasures, reverting to past sins, comfort in non-believing company, and struggles with prayer, bible study, or church attendance. These indicators serve as a wake-up call to rekindle our spiritual commitment and seek a deeper connection with God.


John the Baptist proclaimed in Luke 3:16 that while he baptized with water, one far greater than he would come to baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire, emphasizing a transformative spiritual awakening beyond physical rituals, sacraments and religion. This passage prompts us to reflect on our own spiritual commitment and connection to God. Self-assessment and reflection help us to maintain our passionate commitment to God's desire and also check our self-spiritual sensitivity in high esteem. These are things that most believers prioritized in the beginning of their personal faith journey and commitment to the Lord. If we find our enthusiasm fading, it suggests the need for renewal and revitalization through prayers for a renewed zeal in the Lord. We are longing for an overdrive.


The necessity for believers to remain spiritually vigilant is very paramount, as the devil preys on moments of weakness and vulnerability (1 Peter 5:8). Just as Jesus warned, our spiritual negligence allows the enemy to cause havoc in our lives, just as illustrated in the parable where weeds (tares) were sown among wheat during a lapse in vigilance (Matthew 13:25). Our protection against such infiltration lies in our continuous connection to Christ through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and obedience.


Christ's call to "abide in Him" (John 15:4-6) serves as a reminder that our spiritual survival and effectiveness in combatting evil rely on a close and consistent relationship with God. This is nurtured through practices such as prayer, fasting, attending church, and studying scripture. For those who have experienced significant life challenges or losses that have dampened their spiritual zeal, this fasting for the Fresh Fire of God is really an encouragement to seek God's grace for rejuvenation. I want to encourage you to join the chariots and don’t miss out.


In Acts 2:3, an event is described where flames resembling tongues of fire descended upon each of the disciples, symbolizing their being filled with the Holy Spirit, which empowered them to speak in various languages. The word Fire is repeated in 508 verses throughout the Bible, which underscores its significance, and often illustrating God's presence. God’s responses to prayers, and sacrifices is with Fire manifestations.


The term "Fresh fire" refers to the renewed empowerment of the Holy Spirit in a believer's life, essential for living in a manner that mirrors Jesus Christ's life (Act 3:6). Such a spiritual intensity empowers a believer, shields him/her from demonic influences and ensures their blessings remain unhampered. Unfortunately, many modern Christians find themselves in a spiritual search, hopping from one church to another in pursuit of this vital, renewing fire, indicative of its absence in their lives. Possessing this divine fire renders, one is invincible and unconquerable, but its absence breeds and envelops you with fear.


The process for bestowing fresh anointing demands a willingness to surrender, repent, and relinquish certain personal characters that hinder spiritual empowerment. Fulfilling these acts above and conditions, as highlighted in 2 Timothy 2:20-21, prepares one to be aptly used by God. The process involves purifying our lives to be suitable vessels for His power. Echoing John 2:17, there's a call for believers to seek a renewed zeal and passion for God and His kingdom, acknowledging that the current level of spiritual fire may be insufficient for overcoming life's challenges, being used of God and achieving greater exploits, milestones and achievements. This is likened to the wisdom of not putting new wine into old wineskins as mentioned in Mark 2:22, which metaphorically speaks to the necessity of being renewed internally to handle new anointing, blessings and challenges. Therefore, to experience God's presence, power and achieve victory over life's battles, believers are encouraged to earnestly seek a fresh anointing from the Lord through prayer. This essential a signifies a sincere and genuine pursuit for anyone desiring to live under the mighty influence of God's anointing, presence and power.


Embracing the "Fresh Fire (Anointing)" from the Holy Spirit enables believers to preach boldly, pray with confidence, confront demonic forces, overcome temptations, break free from negative spiritual influences and inheritances, and fulfill their divine purpose, as outlined in Ephesians 1:5 and Jeremiah 1:5.

It's time to separate ourselves for a greater cause. (1 Samuel 17:29)

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