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Title: The Supernatural Visitation (Ps Mukumba) 8-Sept-2019

Title: In Preparation for a Supernatural Visitation

Judge 13v1-19;24


o The time of the Judges was one of the apostacy and anarchy but there were still Jewish homes that were dedicated to the Lord and believed in prayer and God was still working through them. When the people of Israel moved from the Lord and they subjected to suffering. This suffering did not come from God but resulted from the fact that people had actually ignored God and the enemy took advantage of them.

o What will it take for you to follow the Lord? I believe it takes nothing but our imaginations bloom and try to complicate almost everything. Following the Lord gives us an advantage.

o Ephesians 4:27-29 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 28 Anyone who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.

o The number 40 also means complete oppression. You might be in a situation that you feel complete oppression. The Lord is saying enough is enough


o Bareness represents unfruitfulness. You might be in situation which is Barren the Lord wants you to be fruitful

o Even though you have been barren you will soon be pregnant

o What is surprising is that He is coming with some conditions to avoid a miscarriage, undesired abortion. He wants to make sure, you will hold the Baby

o The conditions He is coming with are:

o Don’t drink wine or any alcoholic drink

o Ephesians 5v18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit,

o Don’t eat any forbidden food. Your diet will influence the outcome. The outcome can not be defiled because of your carelessness. Many people defile their destiny by what they eat (think, see, do and pursue

o These are laws of probation to test your obedience (Same as what happened in the garden of Eden)

o God could come in the coolness of the day to start a conversation with Adam

o Laws of probation keep communication going on. They ensure a health relationship. They are not permanent but help establish a relationship and bring a culture into the relationship

o Also the son you are going to have got some laws of beauty: He shall cut not his hair; He will be Nazirite

o A Nazirite is a person who took a vow to be separated for God’s service. The word comes from Hebrew and it means to separate; or to consecrate. This vow is sometimes temporary

o There are some things he can not do; there some things he can not eat; he can not touch a dead things

o Now in the case of Samson it was not an independent vow. The Lord did it for him

o The Lord is going to give things for his use. The Lord is going to give a house, but you should allow visitors into it, He is going to give you everything but for His service and glory

o The Lord said this son that you are going to have he will rescue Israel from the Philistines

o Whatever you are going get will rescue you family from poverty

o It will rescue your family from diseases

o It will rescue your family from reproaches

o Manoah prayed to the Lord: Please let the man of God come back to us again and give us more instructions about this son who is to be born.

o May the Lord give you instructions with clarity of purpose for your destiny, which He is to be availed to you. May he open the wrapped gift in your life. Your destiny is now my brother and sister. No more Barrenness. It’s time for fruitfulness and it’s in the Lord.

o He said be fruitful, multiply and have dominion (Gen 1v26)

o Gen 9v7 “As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.”

o The bible say’s God answered Manoah’s prayer; May the Lord the answer your prayer immediately without delay

o The Angel of the Lord appeared once again and Now the Angel appeared when she was working in the field.

o Do not be discouraged; do something whilst you are waiting.

o She said the man who appeared to me the other day is here. May this be your statement by the end of this week or this year.

o The same God that appeared to you may He appear again. The same God that did miracles before may he do it again. It’s time for remembrance.

o When Manoah asked the Angel whether he is the one that appeared to his wife. The Angel acknowledged

o He asked for the Angel to repeat the instructions and The Angel said, be sure to do the instructions that I gave your wife

o The Church is the wife of God and she has got instructions she was given by God

o The instruction is the word of God. Sometimes God does not repeat himself. He is saying go and read my word everyday. Everyone have got access to the word of God. It needs to be read to make sure we won't have abortions and miscarriages in the midst of the way.

o When Manoah had that he remembered the word

o He remembered what had happened when the Angel appeared to Gideon, Abraham, Jacob and etc. Manoah said please remain here I want to prepare a young goat for you to eat

o If you feel the Lord is speaking to your life it very important to give an offering

o Even today I want to encourage you to be obedient to the Lord because he also loves your acknowledgement in form of an offering.

o A grain and burnt offering shows respect, honour, sacrifice and worship to the Lord. It gives reverence

o The angels reply is very puzzling. “I will stay but I will not eat anything, however you may prepare a burnt offering as a sacrifice to the Lord.

o Manoah did not realize it was the angel of the Lord. Then Manoah said “What is you name?’

o The Angel said, “Why do you ask my name”,…. “It is too wonderful for you to understand”

o Isaiah 9v6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

o This happened to Jacob again in Gen 32v29. When Jacob fought with the angel until he was blessed. The Angel could not say his name

o Manoah and his wife took their offering and put it on the rock. You should give your offering to Rock, Jesus Christ”. An offering of worship, money, praise and etc

o As they watched the Lord did an amazing thing. As the flames from the altar shot up towards the sky, the Angel ascended in the fire”

o When the boy was born, he was named Samson. The name Samson means sunny or brightness. May the Lord give you brightness of your future

o Samson brought light and joy to Manoah and his wife who thought they will never have a child

o Do not disqualify yourself yet. It is true, it’s not yet over until God says it’s over. Believe it

o He also began to bring light to Israel during the dark days of the Philistines.

o The hand of God was upon him in a might way

o God used Samson’s hair. Hair is the weakest and flexible thing in the body.

o The secret of Samson’s strength was his Nazirite vow.

o The secret of your strength is in the word of God, praise, prayer, the fear of the Lord….

o We are not told Samson’s physique. No. In fact we are told he is of the tribe of Dan.

o In Joshua 19v47 Dan had troubles in possessing his land. This means Samson was born with a purpose to possess the unpossessed by his fathers.

o I believe, there is a purpose why we are here

o One of the purposes is to give your family a good living

o The other purpose is to make the name of the Lord know everywhere; it’s not your power but you have got a mandate to preach the word of God followed by miracles

o God want to use us in our families, churches, community, Canada, the world and etc

o Whenever they bound Samson with ropes, he could break them.

o He even killed the lion with his bare hands (Judges 14v5-6). It became his meal

o There are several lions along the way that you shall kill

o He caught 300 foxes and tying torches to their tails

o Don’t accept the status quo. It is frightening how quickly we accept defeat. Don’t accept status quo.

o He slew 1000 men with the jaw of a donkey

o He carried off the Gaza city gate. He did a lot that is not even recorded in the book of Judges (Judges 16v24). He caused havoc to the Philistines to such a extend that they felt threaten by him

o When God wants you to do something great in His world, He doesn’t send an army, he sent an Angel

o The same God gave promises to Abraham and Sarah, to Hannah, to Elizabeth and Zechariah

o He wanted to show that he uses weak things of the world to confound the Mighty. That why He used a baby “Samson”.

o God is patient. He is never late in accomplishing His will.

o Samson’s power was the weapon to fight with and tool to build with and not a toy to play with

o He was an elephant in strength and a babe in weakness

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