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Unlocking the Supernatural: Embracing The Power of the Anointing

1. Introduction

Chances are, there are many people's lives that will be greatly enhanced by putting the supernatural powers of the Holy Spirit within us to the test in our personal struggles, but also for the sake of seeing who we are becoming. These groundbreaking and insightful scripts will charm you into unveiling the Spirit within. Only the anointing enables us to embrace the fullness of life's wonders, joy, and potential. Join me on a grand and memorable adventure; come and walk with me and see the supernatural miracles, wonders and anointing. Find out who you are becoming, and bask in it. The supernatural is part of who you are now, and you must get acquainted with the new you. You are supernatural. Now be.

The goal of these lessons is to give you permission to get excited about using the power of the anointing for your own good and to be bold enough to step on faith every day and access the supernatural. According to the Bible, every believer has the supernatural capabilities of Christ Himself. Rather than standing around looking and waiting for outside assistance in your struggle, see the power of the anointing by taking control of your problems using the power within you. When you go to sleep tonight, picture yourself confidently testing the supernatural waters, surrendering your worries to the anointing, and trusting your guidance in order to live your dreams.

1.1. Defining the Anointing

The Bible defines anointing in several ways and as happening for a variety of things. The word "anointing" is found in some forty plus verses throughout the Bible. During biblical times, anointing and its purpose were compounded in the varied uses and applications. Additionally, the context in which it was used often affected the extent and depth of the usage. Its significance is therefore multifaceted and cannot be isolated without understanding its governing principles. Setting the stage and defining anointing is important for us to really understand why as a Christian, or believer in Christ/Christianity one is afraid to embrace the supernatural. The term defines the act of applying oil or a substance to a person or object, usually deemed to be holy or set aside for sacred use. Often, the concept of anointing almost always refers to the holy anointing of God's presence. In the Old Testament, the word used for "anointing" is derived from the word "māshach" – that referred to the application of oil upon the head, anti-cathartic, purgative or consecrative. In the New Testament, the word used was the Greek word "chrisma" or "chriô". This interesting word has several English versions, anoint, (baptism of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Spirit, in the Holy One, with the Holy One). In all instances, the concept encompasses the action or process of God divinely working in the lives of individuals, groups, etc; and the Holy Spirit in a person exercising the supernatural effect of God for unlimited benefit.

It is possible that you are reading this article with curiosity of what the "anointing" really is. After all, it is mentioned in many of the writings in the scriptures (especially the New Testament). There have been many definitions of the anointing of God presented in various places. Some say that it is the manifest presence of God released through the Holy Spirit showering upon an individual or a ministry of an individual. Others believe it is the power of God manifesting spiritually, emotionally and psychosomatically. Whatever the anointing is or however it is manifested, the general consensus is that it is simply powerful, rejuvenating and transforming. This article delves into what the anointing really is, the source of the anointing and what can be done to allow the anointing to work in your life of those that you pray for. It is an exploratory article that fuses spiritual and scientific knowledge in order to query phenomena that many are too scared to question or believe exist.

2. The Biblical Foundation

The music leader and the pastor/minister have infinitely significant roles in a local congregation. What you release in your fellowship is the fruit of the words and sounds released on the platform or in private. The congregation's faith and release with the sound of heaven will be natural when your platform, leaders, and congregations spend time experiencing Christ's release and preparing their hearts to worship. They could and should expect to experience the same emanating level of anointing and miraculous power in their churches, and through their worship services. These are the individual and corporate preeminent positions of praise and worship. They should be pre-recorded music, and the church should in no way "spend money for that which is not bread" so to speak. Church music leaders, through intimate worship and the preparation of their hearts, should be dedicated and embrace their core tasks of preparing their hearts in the presence of God. When worship leaders, music teams, and congregations have at least captured a glimpse of the fullness of their purpose and the preeminence of Christ's presence, amazing consummate corporate praise takes place.

The anointing is significant for the believer. Its backdrop is rooted in both the Old and New Testaments and is eternally secured by the founding cornerstone, Christ Jesus, and the power of His resurrection. It is important to embrace the reality of the superlative power of anointing and remove negative stereotypes. Jesus spoke with authority and we should be able to do so as well. If Yelchuny had lacked faith, embracing the surreal power of God dancing would have been impossible. The anointing of God (flowed through the music being played) caused a dance of significance and glory to burst forth in Yelchuny. Teach your congregations to embrace worship and to flow with the presence of God.

2.1. Theme Scripture: Isaiah 10:27

Isaiah 10:27 "It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil." This touches my heart deeply because of the work that Jesus had to do to bring this into fulfillment. His burden taken away, his yoke destroyed. God has something better for us than the yoke of life that had fallen across creation at the fall of mankind, a fallen nature where the world is still passing on the deception of the first days of creation and the deceit of electing religious practices that give nothing but death and destruction. We don't have to drag through life with the curse when Jesus said "I've come that you might have life, and have it more abundantly". Jesus spent the best of three years teaching, healing (Acts 10:38), and delivering proof that God loves us, is on our side, and has provided great blessings for us in sharing his full nature. God isn't our problem, God is our answer. The problem is everyone that thinks they have the answer to something they have never really studied to understand. They have embraced the teaching of some man about God instead of being grounded in the teaching that proceeds from his own heart. Know the truth and the truth will make you free. Embrace the things of God and walk in the peace that the world can't take away. The more we are involved with God and the things of God, the less the world will control our thinking, swaying at every new thing that's new pushing us this way and that way. God has given us patchwork armor to protect us, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit and the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth to bind everything in place, our feet shod with the gospel of peace, prayers like a weapon with turpentine to our knees. A natural army's at its strength with our country behind it. Our supernatural Army is strengthened when we stand on the word of God. Our supernatural Army is strongest in the unity of one body under one Spirit under one Lord under one God. It is strengthened by knowing the plans and purposes of our enemy and that he's already been defeated. We will take some more time, but the underlying theme of these next sermons will show you the power you have been given delegated authority. Take these teachings and put them into practice and allow the anointing of the Holy Spirit to operate through you so that you can be the walking talking hands and feet of Christ to those in the world around you.

2.2. Supporting Scriptures

"So the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon him (Samson), and he went down to Ashkelon and struck down thirty men of the town and took their spoil and gave the garments to those who had told the riddle..." (Judges 14:19)

"Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers, and the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward..." (1 Samuel 16:13)

The following verses in the Bible confirm that the Holy Spirit is the Anointing. The anointing is called the oil; the power of God and the Holy Spirit. Also, the words "Comforter" and "oil" mean the Holy Spirit, who is our help and strength. When the Holy Spirit rests upon a believer, powerful anointing comes upon the person and enables the person to do things that were previously not possible for the person. This is because the Holy Spirit becomes the strength of the person. The person becomes strong and bold to do exploits.

3. Understanding the Anointing

The importance of the anointing is observable throughout Bible history because anytime God has required His people to do great things, He has had to personally anoint them. While Moses was an influential leader based on his influences at Pharaoh's courts and assuming the identity of a Hebrew to free God's people, he realized that human abilities are inadequate to undertake divine assignments. Therefore, the anointing was needed for God's purpose to endure throughout the harsh journey of leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land of Canaan.

The anointing is the supernatural empowerment of God that comes upon you to release you into your life's divine assignment. It is the power of God which gives you the capacity to fulfill His purpose and to fulfill the great things that He has planned for you here on earth. It invokes the superpower of God that enables you to successfully fulfill every assignment that God gives you, from being a wife to becoming a president. The anointing is non-negotiable if you are to succeed in life as well as in your God-given assignment because, just as Jesus was anointed in His humanity, so does your earthly body need divine empowerment to fulfill the call of God upon your life (Acts 10:38).

3.1. The Purpose and Function

When God sets us apart and calls us into His service, we are His representatives. When something of serious significance and importance is to be done, God anoints the person doing it. Leaders lead by anointing. The anointing removes every obstacle, enabling us to accomplish that which God assigned to us. In separation, we launch ourselves into higher things. We identify with our Master who was called out of the common and ordinary way of life to an extraordinary life of immortality and divinity. This is what Christ intends for us. When we see that in Him was life and in Him was the light of man, we should seek to reflect such a marvelous radiant life because Jesus is our example. He is the standard against which we are to measure up and live our lives. The anointing is a state of being. When we are anointed, we are drawn from the common, ordinary life and service to a superlife and super service. Our authority and way of life as spiritual beings and more than men, are made visible in our actions and walk. Therefore, it is a dangerous thing to lay hands on someone untried and unproven. The anointing will be revealed as unreal and fruitless. That would make the church accountable for the results. Where there is no proof of divine anointing and grace, the anointing cannot be released. Each person should recognize the anointed.

4. The Manifestation of the Anointing

Another thing the anointing does is to protect people from evil attacks. "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm" (Psalms 105:15). We would not only be persecuted, we would more than conquer through the anointing. Daniel was cast into the lions' den but he would not be eaten because he was anointed. These are unparalleled virtues. They are the essence of the anointing. When the anointing takes over, natural propensities are taken over as well and God comes in. You are made to rule. This is the supernatural dimension which the anointing confers. You cannot avoid the supernatural because it is more than the natural. The anointing takes over when man's strength is used up. We thank God for His Holy Spirit and for the anointing which He bestows upon us. Amen.

One of the greatest manifestations of the anointing is the acceleration of progress and the fulfillment of divine prophecies. Because Saul could not wait to be anointed, he lost his kingdom. Many people have been troubled through life just because they would not wait to be anointed. "He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant: whose feet they hurt with fetters: he was laid in iron: until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him. The king sent and loosed him even the ruler of people, and let him go free. He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance" (Psalms 105:17-19). That is the principle of freedom through fulfillment of divine prophecies. Joseph only became a ruler in fulfillment of divine prophecies. No one can change divine prophecies. They only delay such fulfillments - often to their own destruction and at great cost.

4.1. In the Old Testament

The same anointing as above is made available to believers in Christ Jesus. It is the anointing that empowers believers to do exploits for God. Any Christian without it is likely to spend spiritual vacation in retrogression. Without anointing, believers would lack spiritual prowess. Everyone anointed of God in the Old Testament was an effective agent of manifestation of the supernatural. They did exploits that were supernatural in every sense of it. The same is true for believers in the New Testament. When the time came for Saul to manifest as king, the first thing that was done was to take him to Gilgal to be anointed. The anointing even empowers to provoke miracles even unintentionally. The anointing empowers believers for exploits. Let's, therefore, raise our voice for the anointing that bestows the unimaginable and brings us to the stage of wonder.

And Moses and Aaron did all these wonders before Pharaoh, and the Lord hardened Pharaoh's heart so that he would not let the children of Israel go out of his land. Anointing in the Old Testament was an authorization for divine assignment. It supersedes individual status. The anointing did amazing wonders in almost all areas. Prophets and clergies were also anointed. One of the rewards for a good person in pursuit is the anointing, which makes a difference between a person and his counterpart without it. Saul would not have been king over Israel but for the anointing. The period of anointing was a spectacular stage full of mind-blowing miracles. That anointing in today's sense was more of capability and power to manifest the supernatural than the mere dedication of those anointed.

4.2. In the New Testament

Manifestation of, and not moments, the anointing requires regular and appropriate expressions. The Holy Spirit is not interested in creating a monument or positioning us on a shelf for display. We are His hands, feet, mouth, face, heart, etc. Jesus in us and through us. Throughout the Church and world, He is waiting on every believer to activate and operate this special assignment of the Anointing. Remember, Holy Spirit empowerment is not just for us to be edified and built up. Jesus called and chose every anointed believer to carry on His life-transforming ministry of love, encouragement, comfort, deliverance, redemption, and empowerment to everyone He loves, every person. Our visa is Him, and our mission is His passion to love those dying in sin around us, binding up the brokenhearted, and quitting all who mourn, proclaiming the victory of the Cross, and opening the prison to those who are bound.

Good news! Scripture teaches that believers are given an anointing, the Anointing, plural with a capital "A": Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit anoints believers with the Gospel, the power of God unto salvation in Christ Jesus. Furthermore, the gifts of the Spirit are designed to flow through us with divine effectiveness. That said, we also have the mind of Christ anointing every believer. It is not automatic. It requires us to study and meditate on His Word to transform our thoughts toward His ways and embrace His wisdom. The Holy Spirit then helps us put it into action within our hearts, soul, strength, and mind. The infilling of the Holy Spirit is a separate and subsequent work of grace from regenerating faith unto saving faith.

5. The Anointing in Action

God has a plan for you that can only be completed through the power of the Holy Ghost. Look at how the power of the anointing works for you. There are many purposes and functions of the Holy Ghost that fall under the anointing of God. The preaching of the Gospel is a major department of the anointing. Anointing is taken for granted at times. Christian catchphrases and Christian charisma can often grab attention away from the necessity of divine anointing. God's anointing is necessary for nothing less than living the supernatural life according to the will of God; it is essential for lasting fruit. The anointing is the power of God upon us for the specific purpose of carrying out the will of God in our lives.

Now that we've learned exactly what the anointing is by definition, it's time to explore it in a working context. You've heard messages on the power of faith, the awesomeness of God, the purpose of fasting, the anointing in teaching, the love of God. This message focuses on embracing the supernatural power of God through the anointing. The purpose, power, and potential of the anointing of God is a powerful resource available to every born-again child of God who is filled with the Holy Ghost. The anointing of God is the Holy Spirit operating through your life to perform supernatural purposes. Anointing is not just a feeling or emotion that occurs; it's the power of God that flows through you to produce miracles, signs, wonders, healings, deliverances, and breakthroughs for other people when they encounter God in your life.

5.1. Healing and Miracles

What then is the difference for the believers today, and more importantly, the difference between the charismatic movement in the body of Christ today with those figures in the Bible who had Divine Anointing and whose ministries brought signs, wonders, and miracles? The answer simply is that it is the same anointing of the Holy Spirit that these figures and believers move in, but how do they move in it and respond to it? We will strive to know these secrets from the scripture and also be able to possess the same when we know and embrace the right teaching of it with a right heart and motivation. The true purpose of the anointing is beyond recovery, yet it is not beyond repair and recovery. God's purpose for the Church, including every born new creature, is that they should access the fullness of the anointing.

How can the power or spirit of God flow into people, and how can they use it for His glory? Physical healing and spiritual health, blessings, signs, and miracles are all recorded in the Bible as evidence that the power of the Spirit of the Lord flowed through people. Flowing in the Anointing, or the Spirit of the Lord, or allowing God's power or spirit to flow through us into healing, blessing, and restoring, is variously called a Divine or Supernatural Anointing. In the Old Testament, 'holiness' was an essential prerequisite for God's power to flow through men appointed by Him to certain tasks and for certain purposes. Today, saved Christians are already sanctified in Jesus Christ, and also are able, by the help of the indwelling Holy Spirit, to start a holy walk in Christ and to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God.

6. The Anointing in Leadership

The mark of any anointing is ability, and what Paul wants to make clear is that this anointing is from God. It speaks of abilities that were humanly unimaginable. The anointing that singles out leaders is not of being able to lead a team of few men. It speaks of a superlative ability to subdue, control, and yet release greater and mighty abilities naturally. I strongly believe that this anointing itself bestows the wisdom to train that leader and bequeath the understanding and grace for leading to the anointed. This is vital because it is the anointing that provides the platform of not only understanding but actually explaining and directing things related to divine abilities for the divine propelling in excellence.

Being a great leader is not automatic or a natural instinct; it is a divine anointing endowed by God. It is very important to understand that the anointing is a divine enablement, something given to a man by God. One of the greatest authorities on the anointing in influential administration is Apostle Paul. Something we should learn is that all great leaders are marked by the anointing. It is the anointing that sets them apart among people. There is a distinctive characterization of the anointing of a leader, marked by authority, order, ability to subdue, and to excel in spiritual mysteries.

6.1. Anointed Leaders in the Bible

We see a continuation of the theme of anointing through anointing judges when reading further into the Old Testament. We read about God's call on these men and women and how they were anointed to lead by the Holy Spirit. The unique power set them apart from those called into different roles by God, such as the common men and priests. They needed the anointing to fulfill their divine call. These anointed judges rose to battle the spirits or preside over the nation as it is required. They delivered people from the things of the world, during which time they lived up to their unique and determined anointing. While making mistakes and showing their weaknesses, God used these anointed people. When God championed them, it was possible for them to fulfill their calling. They are often remembered for their victory in these times. But they needed the anointing to lead God's people.

The story of kings with the anointing is familiar from an early age. In Sunday school, stories of King Saul, King David, and King Solomon are discussed at length. But one of the main reasons for their prevalence is that these people are anointed leaders. The military might not have won the ability to achieve great victories but the anointing did. They inspired the people with boldness and enabled them to unite to destroy giants and enemies of the people. These anointed men were called to a life of leadership and were then granted favor and power by the Holy Spirit. Although they accomplished much in their related roles and positions as kings, they failed to fulfill their purposes. Unconfessed sin led them to forsake their calling. They no longer fulfilled their calling as anointed leaders and their failures negatively affected the nation.

In the Bible, there are many individuals who are known because of the anointing. They have been referenced as anointed leaders. Kings who have been anointed as leaders and those with a calling of Prophet were anointed. As discussed in the earlier chapter, the anointing is the release of the power of the Holy Spirit into the life of the individual. Only then the individual has the potential to fulfill their mission and to achieve their divine purpose. The anointing is not decided by men, but it is God's prerogative. All individuals have different purposes and they are anointed to fulfill the destiny that God has set forth for them. God has called His people to His service and has equipped them with the divine anointing by the Holy Spirit to fulfill it. Those with the anointing play a specialized role in the Body of Christ and their task is to equip the saints for their roles in ministry. Since the Holy Spirit is the source of the anointing, it is important to approach these passages.

7. The Anointing for Everyday Life

Anointing for work: The Holy Spirit can anoint you for the workplace, enabling you to get to the top and stay there. Life is tough and becoming more complex by the minute. You don't have to be a victim. You have the born-again Holy Spirit living within you! Others can't see him, but they see what he does through you. You know your authority because Jesus Christ is your example. If you're seeking supernatural success, the Holy Spirit will see to it that you don't take no for an answer when others close doors and tell you it can't be done. The Holy Spirit gives you the answer. Even though your dreams are humongous, the anointing on your life will help make that a reality. And you'll turn and give the glory to God, and in the process reap even more reward.

One of the privileges and benefits we receive from God when we receive the Holy Spirit is the anointing. The anointing enables us to live the abundant life Jesus died to give us. Through the anointing, barriers, obstacles, and yokes that Satan places in our lives are destroyed. As children of God, we must tap into the power and authority that are ours, through the Holy Spirit, to destroy the works of the devil in our everyday life.

7.1. Anointing for Work and Career

Anointing can also be commanded into the place of work, job, profession, skill, career, or business. Bless, dedicate, and serve God in your profession, for the anointing of God to dominate over all things, to take over and control it. Giving your career or business to the Lord brings prosperity, favor, and the protection of the Lord upon it. The Lord would turn your business, job, or career around and make it be a shining star. It does not matter if you are an engineer, a lawyer, a carpenter, a teacher, a housewife, etc. Wherever and whatever your job is, command the anointing for success, distinction, and good work or industry to come upon it. Wherever your feet go, may God's hand be upon it for a fruitful outcome. You and your employees will shine. It does not matter what economic climate the world might be in. Your job, business, or career is shielded in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. You are shielded by grace, and grace would pull you through.

8. Cultivating the Anointing

The primary way to cultivate the anointing, which is the Holy Spirit, is to develop your relationship with Him. You must build a new relationship with the anointing that is already within you. The Bible (2 Thess 3:6-14) says that many are idle concerning the anointing - meaning that there are a lot of positive anointings lying dormant within people, when the world is in need of the anointing to answer life's most challenging questions. Just as oil had to be poured into a lantern to provide light, it must be used to function within its purpose. Similarly, you must cultivate the anointing within you to be able to function effectively in your purpose. Dig all the way into the anointing. Get so into it you'll almost feel smothered! It's like a consistent, unending challenge that needs to be confronted. You must take your anointing seriously. You must cultivate it, but it won't happen accidentally.

In discussing the power of the anointing, we've considered how it can bring transformation to and perform wonderful acts in your life. You are probably asking, "How can I begin to cultivate, maintain, and release this power?" In this chapter, we'll discuss some ways to help you walk in and release the power of the anointing that is within you.

8.1. Prayer and Fasting

Praying is not an option. We are compelled by both divine yearning and external experiences to seek help; and there is no other higher reality except through prayer exchange. You should be bold, intentional and vigilant in the pursuit of this responsibility. Your motives must be pure and sincere. When God has prepared you for a supernatural occurrence, he definitely wants to partner with you through that process. The intensity of your call has heaven's intervention written all over it. What you cannot achieve alone gains purpose and life through prayer. Praying is the emergency service hotline to God. You only see an increase of my supernatural power when your prayer lines up in agreement with my power and will. Your prayer petition must always connect with the divine purposes of my Word. Keeping in agreement with me is the professional part of your calling. I have already given you permission and full access to my eternal power. Praying is not just asking and hoping but it is a spiritual, energetic exchange of divine purpose_receipt guaranteed. Your consistent faith in the authenticity of your prayer will always reverse the injustice that has generated outside of heaven's court ruling. Your tenacity and continual hope in God's word demonstrate your confidence that something is about to occur. Your supernatural power is quelled without the process.

The practice of prayer and fasting is synonymous with the supernatural. To have spiritual power for the work of the supernatural (both good and evil), you must engage a higher power, and the practice of prayer must be incorporated into such effort. No other act reflects your total reliance on divine help than a consistent regiment of prayer and fasting. While praying alone without fasting has several reasons for its ineffective outcome, fasting alone without praying may arrest much needed spiritual assistance that comes through prayer. Hence both practices must go together, and serve as a regular and continuous part of your spiritual power regimen.

9. Challenges and Misconceptions

This is why so many people gravitate towards born-again Christianity. They know that supernatural, intelligent, powerful evil exists, as should intelligence, power, love, life, and the supernatural, ever-present term. When these do not lead Christians into abundant living and eternally into life, it is natural that Christianity faces a crisis of faith. The truth is that Christians are supposed to be conducting supernatural business, not natural business as usual. However, many lives do not reflect Jesus' victory over the enemy. Instead, they are full of excuses, accusations, despair, and defeat. The experience is a source of supernatural abilities coming from Satan, but from the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet, the issue lies in allowing man's will to be the driving power.

To many, the supernatural is about sacrifices, witchcraft, witch doctors' paraphernalia, etc., while on the other hand, others believe in the power of pharmaceuticals, science, and technology. The challenge is that people at both extremes operate in the natural realm only. However, the supernatural realm fully exists and is accessible to those connected to Jesus. The misconception is that neither is exclusive to the Lord, as represented at the extremes. The difference resides in the Lord's vision of love and life, and it will lead to abundant living and eternal life. Supernaturally, the Lord represents incrementally living long, healthy, happy, prosperous, successful lives, and to the fullest. Both primary realms exist but are interconnected, not mutually exclusive.

9.1. Avoiding Misuse and Misinterpretation

God is not limited to the written Word. Speaking oracles comprised of the Word of God confirm the Presence of God's anointing. Power and faith in what was spoken make it so by God's decree. The origin of charismatic witchcraft is the occult. The anchor of charismatic witchcraft is in the power of the flesh, the mind or self-rule by which Christians become deceived and give access to Satan through the occult, tying into the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is only when God is truly our God and we are His people, set apart by our commitment to serve Him unto righteousness, that the power is available by the Holy Spirit to effect change. The power is not given for the sake of 'power' itself. It is given for service. The goal of embracing supernatural Christianity is because the Word tells us to desire spiritual gifts to edify the body of Christ, not for self-edification.

The main distinction between supernatural Christianity and charismatic witchcraft is that supernatural Christianity is rooted in the living Word of God confirmed by the power of the Holy Spirit, while charismatic witchcraft is rooted in biblical witchcraft confirmed by Satan's counterfeit of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Charismatic witchcraft often uses the Word of God in its teachings without the power of faith working with the confirmation of signs accompanying. In charismatic witchcraft, the seat of authority is placed upon the self, upon the power of the flesh. Supernatural Christianity uses the Word of God in its teachings with the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit confirmed by signs that follow those who believe.

10. Conclusion

I stress again, that which prompted you to get this message was more than just curiosity. As we approach the end of days, God has promised through His Prophet that there will be a people who shall have the perfect passion and compassion (caring; genuine love) as Christ, and receive the same anointing and power with which He is anointed, and shall do as He did. We also have the more sure prophecy from the Apostle Peter that a move of God will come, in which there will be a restoration of the gifts given to the early church. It is critically important for Christians to gain a full understanding and acceptance of the anointing. Sometimes it is more acceptable to say that you have a "message" or a "ministry." But when you say anointing, some religious people may call you "crazy" if you start directing the example and path of the Lord for making major decisions in your life. But when you understand that the sacrifice of the Lord was not just resurrection, but death unto resurrection, it is power in His anointing that must be acknowledged. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who reveals the Will and Word of the Father. Remember, understanding and functioning of the anointing can transform your life and your relationship with those around you.

10.1. Embracing the Anointing Today

Central to the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as to his commission before going back to the Father, was the note that the Kingdom of God will not come by observation. That the kingdom of God is described as the inward rule of God upon the heart, and that God is Spirit, are lessons that seem to bypass the understanding of a good number of people today. For at every turn, one group is demonstrating against some incidence of the workings of Satan, generally associated with the darker ages and the early Church. They do not realize that engagement in such forms of acts as deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ is not only to raise man to a knowledge of the divinity, but also a manifestation of Christ's Lordship upon man and the infallibility of God's Word. Is not preaching the Gospel a form of deliverance? And what shall we say of the command of our Lord when he dispatched the apostles to go to heal the sick and cast out demons?

With the advent of the early twentieth century's Great Revival, the evidence of the Pentecostal experience recovered from the hands of the brethren has been overwhelming, and it is now regarded as passé even by denominations that were opposed to it. Furthermore, one comes across many manifestations of the Holy Ghost, such as differing anointing, sanctification, and revelations, in the already organized churches that are not Pentecostal.

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